Mobile Device Forensic Tool Evaluation

  • Conzetti Finocchiaro
  • Eric Goldman
  • bhiney Natarajan
  • Maegan Stanek

16 Dec 2008   ::   Security   ::   #forensics #PDA #cell phone #tools #NIST #mobile


The following report investigates different tools used in forensic investigations of mobile devices. Mobile devices include cell phones, PDAs, and other portable electronics. Such devices can be very useful in the course of an investigation because they often contain valuable, structured data that can be used to place individuals in certain locations or reveal the existence and extent of relationships of interest.

This report examines some special pieces of forensic hardware as well as software tools used in the analysis of mobile devices. For each tool reviewed and analyzed our report provides an overview, target systems/devices, abilities, merits, drawbacks/liabilities, as well as possible ways one could circumvent the tool. We hope that this analysis will help familiarize others with available tools on the market that can be employed in forensic investigations by police or private organizations and individuals.

Because this report is graphic heavy, there is no web-ready presentation. Please download the full reportin PDF here.

The following tools are reviewed an analyzed in this report:

  1. Cellebrite’s UFED
  2. Paraben’s Device Seizure
  3. SIMIS 2
  4. MOBILedit! Forensic
  5. pdd


There are also some publications put out by NIST Which may be of interest to you as well:

The NIST Reports provide additional coverage and have a slightly different focus than that offered in our report.